UFC GYM™ and the Bay Area’s own Live 105.3 partner up for Knockout for Knockers Event!

With October being official Breast Cancer Awareness Month UFC GYM™ has partnered with the bay area’s Live 105.3 to raise awareness about this epidemic. We felt there was only one thing to d: create the ultimate fan experience! Live 105’s resident rock chick, Katie, will partner up with the UFC GYM™ team for the next 4 weeks for her mixed martial arts and private fitness training in preparation to whoop up on her fellow morning show host, No Name. The event will be taking place at the first annual EVIL105″s Subsonic Halloween Spookfest, October 30th at the Cow Palace.

Katie will be put through the UFC GYM™ dynamic training program utilizing the arts of Kick Boxing, Muy-Thai, Boxing and Ju-Jitsu. Follow UFC GYM™ and the bay area’s own Live 105.3 on Facebook and Twitter for our weekly updates, video posts and blogs!

Click the link below for Katie’s Week 1 Video and Blog…




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